Small Business Project Inc. is your long-term partner, working globally and offering innovative approaches to small business development through:
Forestry sector expertise 

Management assistance for Business
Financing options

Human resource and people development  
Our Mission: To grow small business worldwide through an integrated effort of development, financial institutions and multinational corporations. 
Annoucement of a Merger As of January 1, 2009 we announce a merger of our Consulting Units Small Business Project Inc. (Washington D.C.), SBPI d.o.o. (Serbia) and EMAS Partners LLC (Contract Management Unit - for contracts in the wood processing sector). The merged entity will be commercially presented in our future business as "EMAS Partners LLC" or "EMAS". EMAS will continue to have Consulting and Contract management arms. Its expertise in the Contract Management segment as a specialized management company will continue to be in the wood-processing sector. It will continue to offer a diverse array of consulting services. We look forward to providing all of you with an extended array of services. December, 2008
Competitive Analysis of Pellet Producers in South Eastern Europe included the analysis of the competitors on the wood pellet market in South Eastern Europe. February, 2008
Wood Pellet Market Study consists of European pellet market analysis including competitive situation and consumption and production estimates through 2012, description of the Italian wood pellet market and Sales Plan for the wood pellet producer. February, 2008
Wood Processing Capacities and Availability of Wood Residuals in Serbia.  An assessment has been conducted of the near-term and longer-term costs of procuring fibre for wood processing manufacturing facilities. 2007/2008.
Phaunos Timber Fund Limited Announces Plans to Build a Wood Pellet Processing Facility in Serbia.  SBPI and its Forestry Sector team today announce Phaunos Timber Fund Limited plan to build a wood pellet plant processing facility in Southern Serbia.  The plant will use waste wood fibre to create high density wood pellets that provide a highly efficient alternative fuel for home, institutional and industrial heating applications.  Phaunos will invest US$9 million to build the first of several wood pellet plants that will provide an entry to Eastern Europe for Phaunos. The wood pellet plants will be of relatively small scale and will be "turnkey" in design, readily replicable and scaleable to higher production capacity as circumstances warrant. The plants will provide an economically valuable and environmentally sound use for available sawmill residues that are often otherwise wasted.  Phaunos Timber Fund Limited is a closed-end Guernsey Investment Company listed on the Channel Island Stock Exchange (PTF) and traded on AIM, a subsidiary of the London Stock Exchange.  SBPI has worked with Phaunos since April 2007.  December, 2007.
We are Moving - Belgrade's New Office.  We are moving.  Starting with January 1, 2008, our new office in Belgrade will be located at Knez Danilova 57a.  Come visit us!   New telephone number: +381 11 3220 972.
SME Toolkit Regional Partner Conference, Mumbai India.  SBPI presented and participated at the Regional Partner Conference that brings together 60 regional partner representatives from 23 countries that are part of the SME Toolkit projects worldwide.  Regional partners shared experiences and lessons learned to date, and were trained in the latest 2.0 SME Toolkit software release.  Organizers gathered ideas for future program development.  Topics discussed at the conference were: localization of a Toolkit site, marketing an SME Toolkit site and how to attract new users, keeping a Toolkit site fresh and how to retain existing users, financial sustainability, using the SME Toolkit to improve the business regulatory environment  and developing an SME toolkit workshop program. SBPI led and moderated the Marketing session at the conference.  Nimesh Rathod, Lead Trainer for SMEtoolkit India remarked: "It was my pleasure and privilege to have interacted with you at the conference today. You are one of the best coordinators I have seen in decade long experience as a trainer. It was a day of big learning for me today and major part of the credit goes to you."  Our gratitude goes to the whole SME Toolkit team who organized the conference and brought together all SME Toolkit regional partners worldwide. 
We are Hiring.  Deadline for applications October 19, 2007.  Positions available: Office Manager and Project Engineer in Leskovac/ Nis area.  Please see career opportunities for job descriptions and forward us your CV.
SBPI Offers Human Resource Management and People Development Consulting Services.  For our medium size company clients that are growing fast, in Serbia and viscinity, SBPI now offers HR management and people development consulting and strategy services.
SBPI to Enter into Collaboration with the Association of Regional Development Agencies of Serbia.  SBPI is to enter into collaboration with a branch of 13 agencies for SME development throughout Serbia.  A network consists of 13 branch offices covering the teritory of whole Serbia.  The network consists of 100 SME development specialists, and over 400 business services providers.  The mission of the ARDA is to coordinate activities of regional development agencies, in order to increase competitiveness and development of private sector and increase local capacity of regional institutions. 
SBPI to prepare a Swiss Development Corporation's (SDC) 2-year Program for South-West Serbia.  SBPI received a contract to design a two-year program for SDC in the area of South-West Serbia, encompassing municipalities of Uzice, Cajetina, Priboj, Prijepolje, and Nova Varos. May-June  2007. We are to conduct a series of discussions to coordinate activities of donors in this part of Serbia, and to interview government, potential implementing program partners and private sector enterprises.  The program will focus on tourism, agri-processing, wood products and metals/auto industry.
Proposal for a microfinance component for Provincial Economic Growth proposal for Iraq.  Criteria for loans and operating capital grants. March 2007.
Renewable Energy & Forestry Residuals, Europe.  SBPI prepared a strategy, an analysis and a business plan for a multi-million EUR investment for a timber investment fund wishing to set up a renewables energy plant with focus on European markets.  April and June 2007.
Analysis of Serbian Enterprises - Human Touch Perspective.  SBPI performed a survey of small and medium size enterprises in agribusiness, food processing, textile and communications technology sectors in seven cities throughout Serbia between February-March 2007.  Analysis focused on interviews with owners and managers from human-touch point-of-view of what it takes to start, grow, and maintain a small company in this part of the world.
SBPI to prepare a 5-year Strategy Plan with an SME Agency Zlatibor d.o.o., Serbia.  SBPI established a Mentoring Partnership with the International Relief and Development, a not-for-profit organization from the United States.  Between December  2006 and February 2007, SBPI conducted a series of lectures in the SME Regional Development Agency of Uzice, Southern Serbia to better understand the SME business enabling environment.  We presented to more than 50 SMEs on the topic of SME financing (Investors' Perspective on Business Planning), and received feedback from a cluster of wood processing companies.  Resultantly, this community development approach was channeled, as we helped the SME Agency prepare a 5-year Strategy Plan to incorporate issues such as organizational structure, budgeting, partnership with other stakeholders who work with SMEs, and fundraising.  Press coverage.  
SBPI completed a Business Plan for a multi-million project financing project in the Serbian Wood Sector.  SBPI's forestry sector team completed an expansion project financing for a multi-million dollar project expansion in the Serbian wood processing sector.  December, 2006. 
Partnering with IBM to Provide Small Businesses with Business Resources.  On September 27, 2006, IFC signed an agreement with IBM to develop and build a new busines management platform, a version 2 of the SME Toolkit.  In collaboration between IBM, IFC and SBPI, small businesses in developing countries as well as women- and minority-owned businesses in the United States will benefit from interactive tools, online collaboration and educations content for small businesses.  Since its inception in 2002, the SME Toolkit program has deployed more than 25 regional and sector-specific Web sites in collaboration with strategic partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.  SME Toolkit Content has been translated into 12 languages.  The Toolkit aims to address the three main impediments that SMEs face in utilizing technology for their business: access, lack of awareness/skills, and lack of locally applicable business applications/ information.  Tools on the site address accounting and finance, business planning, human resources, legal and insurance, marketing and sales, operations and technology needs.  SBPI is a Finance and Project Manager for the SME Toolkit since 2000.

Billiards Training Company LLC.  SBPI is a manager under contract for the Billiards Training Company, a producer of the Billiard Aim Trainer ("The BAT") (, an LLC company based in the United States.  SBPI worked with BTC to endorse and partner with the world’s most recognizable face in billiards, an 8-times World Champion Allison Fisher.  Improve your aim today

SBPI opens an office in Belgrade, Serbia.  In July 2006, SBPI opened an office in Serbia, to place focus on projects in the growing forestry sector, and growing small business in South Eastern Europe.  Our representative office is located at Svetozara Corovica, 9 Floor 5, Ste. 51, 11000 Belgrade. Telephone number is +381 11 3221 571.

Forestry Sector Turnaround Management.  SBPI  conducts turnaround management for wood products and plywood clients in the Balkans and South America.  Activities comprise periodical review of production reports, identification of problem area and recommendations on corrective actions, mentoring of key managers, evaluation of personnel, provide senior management and owners with performance parameter expectations (targets and time lines), and in-plant training for supervisory level personnel.  SBPI - your long-term partner in growing small and medium size companies.    

The Electricity Market Study, Bosnia and Herzegovina - in collaboration with European Privatization Investment Corporation, Belgrade Serbia, SBPI completed in June 2006, the study of an electricity industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina with an intention to attract potential investors to South-East Balkans.  The study included analysis of three electrical power utilities, analysis of regulations market and liberalization timeline.  Low cost of electricity in the South East Europe region is one of the benefits to development of small and medium size sector regionally.  Study resulted in a deal with an intention to purchase three power plants by a prominent German investor.
Diridondica Head Made Handbags - Danijela Stojanović, also known as Diridondica, is one of the most important emerging designers on international fashion scene.  Her brand ”Diridondica” (pronounced as ‘Diridonditza’)  is one of the fastest growing and most vibrant experienced brands in the fashion industry today focusing on unique handbag designs and woman’s-wear.  Each “Diridondica” handbag is a reflection of the personality of its beholder.  For the designer, who is a trained psychologist, the handbag is more than an object -- it is its owner’s portable identity kit -- supplying an owner with its expected needs. See gallery of bags. Diridondica has teamed up with SBPI to develop United States markets for her products.
Blue Ocean Finance Growth Fund, Vietnam - in collaboration with SEAF, SBPI took this new-model of SEAF's cash-flow financing vehicle through concept and definition stage, business planning, financial simulation, and rigorous due diligence that took place in October 2005.  Blue Ocean Finance's vision is to become one of the fastest growing and most vibrant financing tools for SMEs in a dynamic Vietnam market.  With 7% GDP growth per year, Vietnam is the second growth market in South East Asia, after China.  Majority of this growth is spurred through work of small and medium size enterprises.  Work on this project took place during a good half of 2005.


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